RuneScape's Dragon Sleigher - A Christmas Tale

A little xmas Runescape video I made with my video team at Jagex, all 3D and VFX from blender apart from the particles at the end.

The model is the in game character ‘Vorkath’ from Old School Runescape, which don’t use rigs/skeletons in the traditional sense (there were some triangles hidden inside the model where the joints would be, which I believe are used as pivot points), so I had to learn how to rig! Having the wing tip flex copy the elbow rotation meant that a lot of movement could be achieved automatically, which seeing as this is really the first bit of character animation I’ve done, and in quite a tight schedule (we were still filming the live action bits on the 10th Dec), was a great help. Pretty accidental, but helpful none the less!

Mainly very happy with it, but definitely lots of places where things didn’t go totally to plan, was a very ambitious project for just me taking care of the 3D aspects, other than I had help from a colleague who animated the bar scenes, the kitchen dance and the soundbooth for me. He’s a C4D user, but was enjoying getting his hands dirty in Blender :slight_smile: