Hello everyone!
I Used: Blender 2.74, ZBrush, Marvelous designer, Cycles, PS


Fantastic! Extremely detailed model :slight_smile:

That little parasite controling the machine looks brilliant :smiley:

5* this is amazing

amazing concept and render

awsome! why it doesn’t have 5 stars?

Awesome like all the other works of your’s too, really like how your able to pull superb stuff on different mediums and styles :slight_smile:

Would love to see animation of this model running or jumping around!


Awesome! 5 stars from me too!

Excellente idea and very good execution.

Congratulations! :yes:

Looks awesome!!! Would love to see an animation of this thing, even just a simple demo.:eyebrowlift2:

just Mind blowing:) love it … want so see more renders !

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That scene is something that instantly catches the attention. Love the dynamism and style.

Simply awesome concept and render!!!

Oh cool! That is awesome man!

That looks great.

For me if the parasite had a bit more wet and translucent skin it would stand out better.