running a python script

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I just started using blender and i downloaded a few scripts but I don’t know how to run them! Could anybody help me with this?

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OK, first thing you need to do is split your window. Move your mouse cursor to the line separating the modeling window with the bottom windw. Cursor should become two vertical arrows. Press right mouse button and split window. Now, at the bottom left of the new window you just made, there is a button that looks like a small grid. Press that and look for a white square with black horizontal lines. This will open the text window. Now all you need to do is press the “-” button and load you script by selecting “Load New”. Then with your cursor in the text window, press “ALT+P” to run the script.

As long as your Python has been installed properly, things should run smoothly. If not, ask someone else, cause I know nothing about Python, except how to press ALT+P.


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On windoz two ALT keys behave differently :wink:


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Several information concerning this theme:


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Humm… :frowning: I’ve been using Blender for a while now, but so far I had been TOTALLY unable to run any scrip.


  • Blender Creator 2.23
  • Windows ME

I had loaded scrips into a text window, but after pressing ALT+P NOTHING (I repeat… NOTHING!!!) ever happens.

Already tryed with the Left and Right ALT, even tryed CTRL+ALT+P… nothing happens.

What am I missing?

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:x I went to and it says

“The most recent fre Linux-version (2.23 at the time this page is beeing written), is somewhat broken unfortunately. For example the Python-interface isn’t fully functional and is not well documented.”

This is also true for the Windows version? if true, what can I do to fix it.

IF (big if here) the only solution is to switch to an older version of Blender, can someone explain what will I be trading off in terms of features lost and things like that.


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Take a look at the DOS-Window that opens when you start blender. Are there any error messages?

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Appollux: Do a Schlops says. Also, do you actually have a version of Python installed? The one that comes with Blender is very limited. You need to install a full version in order to get scripts to work.

Another note. You can install multiple Python versions on your machine. I currently have 1.5 and the latest one installed, (2.something). Some of the scripts need the older versions to run properly. They do not work with the latest and greatest.


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i have exactly the same problem also with 2.23 and ME. I’m downloading an older version of python now. :slight_smile:

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NOOOO!! When I try to install python 1.5 it crashes at 84%… any tips?..
And I just can’t get these python scripts to work… now how am I supposed to create hair???.. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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You can install multiple Python versions on your machine. I currently have 1.5 and the latest one installed, (2.something).

Really? so do you just have both versions in the same directory, or can you actually direct Blender to two different locations. Or, do you just change the locations depending on what you’re doing?

Sorry for the dumb question (it’s probably obvious) but I’m not one of you bright youngens! LOL


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This might help maybe, it is meant for the Lightflow script, but it may give some pointers to other installation problems as well: