Running Blender 2.43 On A Palm Or Phone.

It is true look what I found!!!

With this you can boot Lunix on a Palm, and someday a phone. And we all know that Blender can run on Lunix. So if you put 2 and 2 together we get true portable blender.
I have tried the boot on my fast Palm Tungsten C and the boot seems to work. I’ll get back to you once I install blender.

booting a linux kernel is one thing, but running a full blender on it will be a lot more complex. You’ll need to recompile all the libraries and blender itself, unless those palms uses X86 processor?? But I wish you luck.

Warning, Opengl performance will be bad since there is no dedicated graphical accelerator to speedup the viewport display.

Don’t forget about this cool project - PocketBlender.


That PocketBlender never worked for me.
Plus, you don’t just get to play games on Lunix, you also can make them.