Running Blender games on Iphone?

I would like to know if you can run blender games on iphone.

BGE is not available on iOS, and porting BlenderPlayer for iOS is not being worked on by anybody as far as I know.

There is a other game engine called GameKit (from Erwin Coumans developer of Bullet engine) that can load the blendfiles directly. There is also an old Blender version with integrated GameKit.
But there some disantwantages.

  1. You need to jailbreak your IPhone to upload.
  2. GameKit use Lua not Python as script language.
  3. The GameKit is not developed anymore.

So I suggest to use Maratis (LUA) or GameStart3D (Squirrel).
From the both I suggest GameStart3D. It is more developed and offers more features.

instead of people starting there own Game dev solutions, it would make more sense to just work on a single entity rather than it just eventually dying like most branches and projects, this is why they never get merged into the original branch.

Gamekit is still being worked on according to the SVN although the reason i stopped using it is because you have to wrap lots of Lua functions to C++, and if i wanted to code C++ again i would make my own game engine, but i simply dont have the time with my studio’s workload, its hard enough trying to develop a game.

wasn’t blendercookies “Eat Sheep” game developed for the iOS?

That was made with Unity, not BGE

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Not necessary, if you’re a registered Apple iOS developer you can upload your apps for testing on a device that is setup up to do so, GameKit has nothing to do with jailbreaking, it’s just an engine like any other engine that supports iOS.

I’m not sure if this is the case, GameKit development has slowed down I guess in 2012 that’s for sure. Remember that GameKit is not just a game engine, it’s also useful as a framework for someone who wants to build a new engine from scratch, or use existing parts for a specific engine. For example you can take parts from GameKit and use it in BGE.

Erwin has said that they intend to at least maintain the reading and writing of blend files code base in GameKit when there was a discussion about Collada in the mailing-list.