Running Blender in Multiple Windows

I’ve done some searching, and just about despaired of it happening, but I thought I’d ask the experts just in case. Is there a way to run Blender in two separate windows (in Windows Vista)?

I’ve got two monitors, and they are of two different sizes, so just stretching one window all the way across both monitors isn’t working well for me. If there’s a way, though, I’d love to take advantage of all this extra real estate in my modeling. To be clear, I don’t want to open two different instances of Blender–I want to run the same instance of Blender in two windows, so that changes I make in one window are reflected in the other window without saving and loading.

Thanks in advance!

Use a build of blender 2.5. If you hold shift when you split a window it will create a floating window which you ca drag to your second monitor. Set the screen layout as you like and save asyour default so you hAve your two screen layout as standard

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Thanks. I’ve always wondered if this was possible.

Well, I guess I’m finally going to have to upgrade, then.

Thanks very much!

I guess Im going to have to get a second monitor then. :slight_smile: