Running Blender on a PS-3

I just got me a new Toy. Now I am looking into finding other users who perhaps tried to install blender onto their playstation 3.

I dont know much about internals of program or if its even possible. My goal here is to begin discussion so we can develop some sort of guide for others to follow.

Yes, I will gladly use my PS-3 to test theories, installs, and games.

I will get linux installed but which one?

Will we have controller support? The new ones seem to be usb, but wireless?

Will we need a special build of blender to run on the ps3 processor?

I have a dozen questions before I start. Feedback and Help on this project would be appreciated.

(btw, if your wondering why most of my projects are on hold you know why now… I love this thing! I have been doing uhh “research”…yeah research :smiley: )

Well good luck. Right now it can’t do nothing with the current linux build for PS3. :frowning:

And I have a Xbox 360 that I will be glad to test games on. All you need is the Microsoft Game Development Kit for 360, which was cheap a while ago and included an interface cable.

ill be more than happy to have your PS3 :slight_smile:

ya know, just for testing purposes lol

does the fedora core or yellow dog support running blender?

I don’t think the ps3 is suited for blender. The PS3 lacks general processing cores and the only one it has is reserved for gaming. The SPEs are weak compared to a general processing core, so although blender could theoretically run, it would most probably run very slow or not at all. Somebody managed to installed Windows XP on the ps3 and it was unbearably slow. Only one way to find out for sure though, good luck with that.

it been done in linux I believe. Ps3 is short on memory for big renders though.

And how exactly did someone install Windows XP on a PS3 when the former is built for Intel processors and the processor in the latter is PowerPC-derived?

^^ emulated through linux.
Check it:

Yes, you can run linux on the PS/3. As far as I know, you’ll have to have a USB keyboard.
Your best option is running the ‘official’ Yellow Dog Linux (has Enlightenment 0.17 as desktop)
As mentioned before, the 256MB RAM on the PS/3 will severly limit the usability of the setup for things like Blender. Also there is no accelerated OpenGL possible. (the limited RAM is why they went with E0.17 which has a very light footprint)
So though Blender will probably start up, it’ll be a tad slow… No sculpt for you there. The standard linux games should run fine (LBreakout2 and such)
Interesting experiment though… Do let us know your experiences.