Running Blender on Alienware 18x

I have the latest version of blender and using it on my new alienware m18x. It runs the fastest ive ever seen it especially with models with large mounts of vertices. But there is one huge problem. It takes along time to load when i command a specific task like undoing, saving, deleting a mesh adding a mesh, etc. It especially does that when i undo, sometime it completely crashes. I dont understand this it should be running that like it is nothing. On my acer aspire it load the moidels slowly but completing said tasks, it does it like nothing. I need both to run good its interfering my my modeling and driving me crazy. Whats going on with it? is it something i have to change in settings? or is it my alienware in general? I mean it shouldnt be the system im using cause its made for games/graphics.

90 views and 0 replies? aaawwww :frowning: lol

What are the specs of your PC : CPU, RAM, OS version ?
What is the version of blender you use ?
You can:

  • launch blender from a terminal and see the error messages,
  • check user preferences / file (CTRL + ALT +U /file), temp file
  • try with other blender versions
  • upgrade OS version, /* backup copy before upgrade! */
  • test in linux (install dual boot) to see if the problem is hardware or software /* backup copy before dual boot! */

How do you expect anyone to tell you if your hardware is good if you don’t tell us what your hardware is? Telling us the name of the company that assembled your computer tells us precisely zero about the computer itself. We don’t have a crystal ball that tells us what your problem is. Of course you got 90 views and no responses.