Running Blender on Mandrake 10?

I am trying to run Blender on Mandrake Linux 10. When I double click on the blender icon, it does nothing. Can anyone help me?

  • Atariman -

I think this would go under the “Blender General” thread, but im not sure. And I can’t help you with your problem :expressionless: Sorry, lol.

You might be able find a fix for your problem here:

Thanks for the post. I was not sure were to post a question like this. I will check the link out that you gave me. I did a quick scan of the post and did not see anything that described what I am expressing. I may try to run an older version to see if that works. I am running WinXP and Mandrake Linux 10 on my system. I can always go back to running it on WinXP, but I notice that it runs slower on Windows then in Linux. I can play back my animation in blender using [CTRL]+A and it plays real time. But, with Windows, it plays real slow. I don’t know if it is the ATI graphics card or Windows. Well, if I have to, I will go back to Red Hat. I know Blender works with it.

  • Atariman -

install libcompat.