Running Blender on my desktop... via my tablet?

I am not the kind to sit at a desk, and I am starting to feel more drawn to touchscreens. So I thought, can I set up a killer desktop rig for Blender, but then control it via a tablet? Essentially, can I use the desktop (maybe even without being home, connecting online) as the processing brain for what I see on my tablet screen? Mind you, tablets rarely have the ful requirements to run Blender efficiently, so I am okay with it being via some third party software. I would of course prefer answers that have been tested thoroughly, but since I know my ideas tend to be a bit on the odd side, I am okay with ‘well-founded speculation’!

If you have an iPad, you can use Splashtop, Duet Display, or iDisplay to mirror your PC screen to it.


What about an Android?
Edit: Seems iDisplay is cross platform! Time to experiment…

Chrome Remote Desktop might be an option for Android.

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Got to known if my MS Surface will work here as well. maybe my early pixel too? This is great stuff…keep it coming. And… many thanks to all.

See Nomachine. It is one of the fastest remote desktop solutions. It can also forward drives, audio and Usb devices.

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thanks KKar… googled it and looks good, will try tomorrow. Great stuff you give me. Thanks much.