Running Blender on Ubuntu 10.10

Hi guys

I’ve got a really simple question for you.
I’ve been using blender in windows for quite some time now, and today, I decided to try Ubuntu Linux.
The question is: how do I start blender? I know its a simple task, but it’s my first time on Linux and I’ve got absolutely no idea of what i should do.

By the way, I mean a build form graphicall (2.56). The one from the software center I could run no problem, but it’s still 2.49.

Any help will be much appreciated. And sorry if I’m double-posting.

Change to the folder that you extracted from the graphicall download. Then run ./blender.


cd ~/blender

When I try it, the terminal denies acess (it’s in portuguese, “Permissão negada”, so i can’t say exactly what it would be in english).

Is something wrong in my system or I skipped some important step?

In your blender directory try:

chmod +x blender

After that:


Thanks Guys, I’ve actually tried openning’s build, and it ran First Try, so it seems i had a failed download
Sorry, but as im only beginning in linux, i had no ideia what files i should expect in the package

Once again, thanks for your Help!

The problem you had was because you didn’t have your folder and file permissions set right in the blender folder. In linux, program files have to be marked as executable or you can’t run them. Files and folders need to be readable and sometimes writeable by the user you are logged in as. If you downloaded a build from a person who didn’t set the permissions right before they compressed the archive, then you would have the problems you are describing. It would be beneficial for you to read about folder and file permissions. There’s a million tutorials out there on the subject.