Running empty

Hi all,

I’ve got this prob :< , I’m making a bleeding heart and it has to run empty. I made an outer shell (glass) and the inner part is the blood. I placed it in a Lattice and let the blood go down. The blood doesn’t come out realistic and comes outside the outer shell. Anybody got some good ideas how to make it run empty? and maybe a way to let the blood flow alongside the heartshape?

To have it run empty in real 3D would be quite complex.

If it were a constant section body (a cilinder) you could easily do with sixe keys

Being non-constat you can try with vertex keys, but will be tedious.

To fake it… animate a texture :wink:


Could do that… I was wondering if i can’t make somekind of alpha layer over the blood that cuts of the edges of that blood and over that the outer glass part. %| … know any good tutorial about animating textures? I’ve been more into modelling and animating.


Yes, second option was that… animate a texture :wink:

Just place a blend texture from alpha 0 to alpha 1 and animate Zoffs with an IPO curve


:smiley: Ghe, that works! Thanx man, I should’ve come here much sooner :wink: