Running Game Demo

I’ve made a quick running demo!

W lets you run forward!

LeftShift let’s you sprint!

Please Critique!

EDIT 06/15/10:

Wow, it’s been a while. Time for a big update!!!

Once again it’s WAS&D, with optional Mouse Control

Please Please Please Critique and Ask Questions!!!


I love the camera movement when running, the shaking kind of thing, but for some reason it’s annoying for me to move the camera with the mouse, it feels weird, I can’t put my finger on it…

The running and jogging animations are really nice, all you need is that it doesn’t flicker, like, it starts the jog animation the first time, it stops in the middle and starts again and it’s like a flicker, same with the running animation…

Still, the camera movement while running is really cool, and the animations fit with it also…

Nice job! :slight_smile:

Thanks Linkxgl

really good game
but i was tinkering around with it a little and realized that when i moved the camera there was like 50 other cameras parented to it in a slow parent so did each make the blur? (i think?)

but u also used the motion blur 2d filter :stuck_out_tongue:

He moves way to fast compared to the animation, make it so his feet aren’t sliding on the ground.

bob- It’s only one camera, I have no idea why it did that

dmills- I’ll take that into consideration thank you for your input

I liked the screen shake too. But the camera is the main problem for me. First of all, I would like it not to be inverted like it is now. Second, the camera movement is just annoying. When you run, you shouldn’t be able to move the camera up or down. It makes it messy and you get easily confused if you even touch the mouse.

But other than those things, it looks good. I like the animation. It flows naturally and the camera shaking adds the effect of actually running.

wow, the camera kinda reminds me of the gears of war view. keep up the good work

hmm, for me the fps is 0.8, any reason why?


No Idea it works fine on all of my computers

Bump Time!

the animation is a little unatural and the run is too fast as someone sayd up there, but its a nice start, i think with a litle more work on that you ll make a nice game.
Try to give more freedom to the player too, just move forward its a little boring eheh.
Good luck