Running Guys : Draft Version [Multiplayer + Coop mod] PLAYABLE

Hello, :slight_smile:


I have been working on this game with a friend (JuDePom (or “AppleJuice”)) for about 2-3 weeks (10hours/day), here is the result:

The map:


The Concept:
Two players: a Policeman and a Thief. The thief is trying to escape, if he goes out of the camera he wins, otherwise if the Policeman catches him he looses. The Thief starts with 2000$ and is progressively loosing dollars, the objective is to keep the more money possible ! (like a timer)

The Gameplay:
You can use a keyboard (z,s,q,d (or w,a,s,d) + f and arrow keys) or/and controllers (Xbox 360 works great!).
A player gains speed when he is running on the ground. When he hits the ground he looses speed. He can regain speed after a fall by rolling (~ to amortize). He can perform wall-jumps in the opposite direction of the wall (so he can climb by doing some sorts of “Z” motions).

The Multiplayers:
It’s easy to connect, you just have to enter a name and press ENTER! :wink:
It is a “free run” mode; no objective you can run with other players (races are funny ;)). Use the chat to comunicate. You can even do human pyramid: (note: it’s an older version of the game)
The rush hours are (GMT+0): 9h00, 14h, 19h00 --> 21h00. (server is on for one week more)



By the way, if your are intersted in this project you can join us! We need artists (pixel art, animations) and developers.
Or if you want to do something serious we could help you. :slight_smile:
We recrute : we want to meet people to extend the team and create something bigger!

Now we are back to work on OSXIA…

Wow! It looks great.
Are you going to be sticking with Blender or porting to another system?


Now we are using the BGE and we probably will not change the engine (we really like Blender and want to create something fun with that).

You can try the online features.

We are waiting for guys to join the project.

looks great so far.


A new update just came out!

The website is up to date, you can find more info here : ABOUT.

We fixed bugs and improved the network performance. We probably stop here, now we are working on something else.
But if you want to create new maps we can add them to the game! (the server support multi-game maps)

Oh my God this game is so great! It’s a little glitchy sometimes but the story is awesomely implemented and kinda funny. I really like it, well done.

You guys keep at it this is really good, it’s going places I can feel it.