Running Male Rat Turned Into Stone

Can you do a running rat turned into stone?:
Rat Turned Into Stone Midrun

Hi, are you asking for an animation, an effect, or just the model itself??

The rat’s Model!

Can you please make a 3D model modelled after this photo of a running male rat?:

Do you need the rat with texture ? if so, stone or real textures ?
And how would you like the fur ? sculpted ? hair particles ? no fur ?

Stone textured rat. Sculpted. Hair particles. No fur. Send me photos of the progress.

Heads up, before you do all this work, there’s a good chance this is a troll. Look at their post history

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I am not a troll. I am a user.

You can be both :wink:

OK, I can be both, then.

Oh don’t worry, I’ve just asked because I had a rat model sleeping in my files, so I just have to pose him, put him a stone texture and he’ll be ready

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Stone textured rat => ok :+1:

Sculpted. Hair particles. No fur. => ???

What am I supposed to understand ?

Send me in photos of the progress, right?

You didn’t answer the question…

Why are you so like stressed about I send you photos of the progress ? I already have a model ready, just need to pose him, make a stone texture and I could give it to you…

Why the need of photos ?

Can you pose him in running pose?

come on… I didn’t want to put it like that… but is this a troll ?

Or you just don’t like answering the questions ?

I don’t like answering questions.

ok, well, you have at least answered this one…
have a nice day, without answer, I will not be able to help you

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