Running new CVS .EXE help!

so Mike Pan (MPan3) was kind enough to release a quad-threaded (maxthreads=4) AMD optimized .EXE for me of the latest CVS build here:

problem is, I’m an idiot and can’t run it without the necessary .dlls etc - I’ve tried putting them in one by one and dropping the file into a preinstalled “stable” build but I keep getting errors like

“gnu_gettext.dll is not a valid windows image”

how do I run it? I am crazy to try sculpt mode. help!

Hi, I run xp 64 on AMD duel core (no twin processor) Can you install a standard version of a blender 64bit build then paste the patch over that install, then all the 64 .dlls should work?

Just an idea, can’t test it myself, hope you succeed.