Running other software from within BGE

Greetings everyone!
After 2 years of using Blender, I finally realize (it’s actually my personal vision) that the name Blender comes from the ability to use many tools in one modeling, rendering, animation, game engine, but also the ability to include other programs in the mix. Maybe the team lost focus of that or maybe I’m too ignorant, doing that is no peace of cake…
The Blender2Crystal , YoFrankie, and the GameKit project proved that even other engines can be implemented into blender! My guess is: you need to be a hard core programmer to do it.
If I want to ‘add’ functionality from other programs, for example, use another rendering engine to add a procedurally generated planet with LOD, and another for sound, and even another for speech recognition, then I can’t!?

From what I understand, what it’s possible is to use blender to create content and export it to another engine for rendering. So one can’t actually mix them up!
What are the odds of having a folder where you could just add other bin, dll, and whatnot from other engines, and blender will run it’s logic within that engine from itself (BGE)?

Main question, what are the limitations and/or procedure to make other software run from Blender? (I already know I need to be an expert programmer)

Mostly the biggest problem would be to convert all the data. Also, converting the logic bricks would be pretty difficult as well.

I can’t tell if the name Blender is because of that. I haven’t read any article saying wthe origin of the name.
If you check this you see that blender was and still is a 3D software creation tool.

What you are referring to is plugin-capability. Many applications have that, even word.
I do not know why you think that this is the focus of Blender. This is just a feature.

To develop a software that can be used as plugin it must match the plugin requirements. Check this search for details: There might be more documentation somewhere.

Finally it is like inserting a European plug into a North-American power socket. It has the same funtion (it provides power) so it shouldn’t be a problem, isn’t it?

If you want to write a new plugin or plugin adapter than feel free to do so. We will be happy to get additionaly features.

I see, so it’s possible to write a plugin that will ‘inject’ geometry in the BGE, for example?
Don’t pay attention to my definitions or purpose of blender…it’s just me…
I was reading about using e-speak in blender, (can’t find the thread anymore) and Social mentioned that ‘blender can make other programs run’, maybe in parallel.
I’d gladly use Blender2crystal if it was constantly updated. In the same line of though, I believe we could also do a Blender2Panda3D…