Running out of disk space with Blender ???

I was running out of disk space, and wondering what caused it.
Well my c: emp and recyclebin together had 18Gig, but i was supriced that under
Under User\apdata \ roaming \ Blender foundation \ blender \ 2.x (version nummer)
(multiple version blender version numbers)
i used together about 46 gig

Is that normal to have so much data there (i think its some kind of caching data).
I’ll be deleting it but was also wondering why doesnt blender clean up the data there after i exit blender ?

Aside from CUDA kernels for Cycles, Blender doesn’t really cache anything in there. That cache using 46Gb though is a lot (on my system, the ‘cache’ directory is about 18Mb for previous versions, 4.1Mb for 2.74). Perhaps some of your startup files are big?

Did you by any chance enable “Cache BVH” in the Cycles render settings?
Depending on your meshes, this can create enormous amounts of cache data…

don’t forget on win you must do some clean up ounce and a while
check your temp file ect…
also if you do a lot of physic cache it can take a lot of disk space.

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I’ll bet it’s the bvh. I once freed up almost a TB in bvhs.

Blender Installation Wizard says I dont have enough disk space. Really? I mean there is 26GB free space and the installation needs 4 Kilobytes

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Beside of the living dead…
Try a zipped Blender.
Yet another gripe with installers…

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