Running Python Plugins

(Smerity) #1

I know you’ve probably been asked this a thousand times, but how do u run 3ds converter for example.

I opened the Blend file, but I can’t get the .py file out of it! Do you get this out or is there a different way?

Please, if you can help me, try. Blender’s great, I’ve just gotta get a hang on these plug ins, and then there will be no prob!

Anyway, thanx for ur help :smiley:

PS. I’ve got Win ME, (I know it sux, I’m installing Linux when I get my drive sectors worked out)

(S68) #2

Never used it

pyton scripts are usually accessible in the text window, you split your main windov and in one of the two subwindow you select text (the icon is very explicative and is the fourth from top in the window type menu)

Then you can have a look at the script code if it is there, or load the script code from a file with ‘add new’ (both from the third button from left in the bar)

To run the script place the mouse pointer on the script window and press ALT P

have fun


(Smerity) #3

Hey, thanx, I got it (finally!)

Also, the reason I found it was that I pressed Alt + P before, but I never noticed that in the DOS prompt it came up with “Can’t find module String; error”.

Then I tried the exact same thing on another script, (the head one) and it worked.

Then I remembered reading at Python’s webbie that some of the newer versions weren’t backward compatible.

I went to Blender forum again, found the same problem and then went and downloaded Python 2.0.1!

Now everything works fine, anyway, thanx for that quick reply!