Running some test with real time engine.

Hello, I had a dream about a temple and even thoe it wasn’t that detail or that long I decide to model it and test out some of my textures I created. Using face light and lamp seems to make the demo more real, how ever, I’m having trouble putting detail on small object, making flames, reflection and alpha. Any help would be welcome.
Also any ideas what should be added will be nice as well.

loking good so far, I can see there are lots of objects, it will slow down the game a lot.

will joining them help ?


Ok, I created some pattern to go with my temple, also change a few textures and added a few things. There’s just a few thing I have to know.

1st, how can apply textures over alpha separately so I don’t have to waste more space by recreating them.

2nd, is there a way to shade an object ? I would like to add some pattern but I don’t want to change the texture.

3rd, is there a way to rotate a object on z axis so it will always face the camera.

4th, what do I do when an alpha or add doesn’t seem to show up behind some texture ?
And where did the animation UV gone to ?

to 3: For Objects, there is a TrackTo Actuator. For Single Faces i’ts better to use Halo or Billboard Face-Settings.

to4: Hit the N-Key in the UV Editor Window. There it’s hidden. (There must be a Texture shown in this Window.) For the Alpha Bug, You have to wait for Blender 2.34, there is a little fix in.

The billboard and halo makes it disappear and when you say track you mean like shift + t with the face and camera selected ? I could use some help on the 2nd question and the manual is extremely long.

there is a track to actuator, I think it is in the edit object actuator

halo and billboard faces must point towards the negative x axis of the object

??? Is there tutorial on this you could point me to ?