Running Standalone.exe on startup (windows 7)

So I have my standalone.exe file that I created using Pyinstaller. And I added a startup key for it in the registry using regedit:

“reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v MyApp /t reg_sz /d C:\users obey\desktop\MyApp.exe /f”

but for some reason, when I restart my computer, it doesnt start my app!!! It seems to start every app out there except for mine!!! Whats going on with this?

You should have a “Startup” folder in your start menu. Simply put it there, no need to mess up the registry with personal entries.

I have tried putting both the .exe itself, aswell as a shortcut to the .exe in the “startup” folder. But still the .exe doesn’t get initiated when I restart the computer. So now I’ve tried the “startup folder” method AND “regedit” method but still it seems windows runs every program BUT mine…I wonder what the deal is…

Have you tried another .exe or a .bat, maybe something simple like writing “hello world” into c:\log.txt?
Have you tried py2exe?

You should find out if it’s the .exe or the Autostart causing the probs.

I have tried auto starting other .exes aswell as .bat and it all works…the problem has to be with my .exes that I make with pyinstaller. Even when I add a .bat (that then runs my .exe) to the startup, still nothing happens…I dont know what is going on.

And now ive tried it with my .exe that i created with py2exe and i still am getting the same result :frowning:

That’s really odd. Have you checked your Antivirus, Personal Firewall, Windows Defender or whatever security tools you have installed if one of them is preventing it from running?

still havent figured this out yet!