Running tap water: A quick cloth test

Don’t mind the artifact at the faucet, it is just a quick test:

Running tapwater

I think I will be exploring how cloth could be used to fake fluids.

That’s looking pretty good. Please do more tests :slight_smile:

But why fake fluids when Blender has a fluid simulator, speed perhaps?

Speed of course. CGI is all about faking. Each frame took about 3.5 seconds.
If you take a look a the Syflex site, it is used to fake situations situations too.

I was talking with one of the visual effects supervisors for Speed Racer and they use Houdini for all the effects. I asked if they used fluids and he stated that they usually fake it with metaballs and other solutions that are faster than true fluids baking.

I’d like to post some tests of my own as soon as I can figure out the best way to post a video online. How do you post to youtube? May seem like a silly question, I know, but I’ve never done it.

PhilBo, that’s interesting because I always envied the big players for their big renderfarms. At least even the fluid sim is just faking :wink: Faking for the lazy guys

edit: 5onit, come on, just do it. It’s not that hard ^^

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About faking:
To fake so it looks like the real thing is HARD most of the times. Just look a couple of years back with the whole SSS thing. Faking is needed when:

  1. You need more artistic control
  2. To speed up rendering.

For example, the crashing waves in Madagascar AFAIK is mostly choreographed particles.

All the waves in Surf’s Up, were done with bones and particles. They tried fluid sims, but they weren’t manageable enough. There’s a siggraph paper that talks about it

I’ve also seen cloth used to simulate crumpling in collisions. You use a duplicate object, simulate that, use maybe the first five frames of the simulation and then swap out the visibility at the time of collision.

The water looks good.

That looks great! How about rainwater running down the gutter at the side of a street and into a storm drain? I mean, as long as your doing tests…:smiley:

3Deusz could use that technique to pour some wine out of a bottle in his short animation “Another Toast.”