ok, i got my guy to run, and if i hold it down it goes, but once i get to the last frame it goes back to frame one, but i want to keep on going like normal walking. how to do this??

Your not describing your situation all that clearly, so it’s really hard to tell what’s going on.

Does the animation stop when it reaches frame one again, or does it keep going? What is the actual set up you are using? You have to describe how it’s not “normal”, because we can’t read your mind.

Or better yet you should post the .blend.

That said, I can only guess that it’s an animation issue. If you are using the play IPO actuator, the animation has to be seamless (meaning that the first frame should be exactly the same as the last frame, so that when the animation plays over it just continues on seamlessly)

Are you using an ACTION to move the guy?

what im trying to say is…

im using ipo, i have 24 frames, the animation works fine, it replays it if i press the key i selected for it, BUT!, i want it to replay the body movments and keep on going foward, NOT! like it is now where after it plays 24 frames it goes BACK to the position of frame 1 and plays it again.

As I said before, it’s a matter of making a seamless animation. That’s why it’s called a walk “cycle”, because it’s supposed to repeat.


Concentrate on the “Posing” section. It explains what I’m talking about.

I think you’re misunderstanding the issue, Social. The walkcycle is seamless, but Meat_Beater is using a Loc IPO and an IPO Actuator instead of using an Armature and an Action Actuator. Meat_Beater, you need to use the Action Actuator combined with a Motion Actuator instead of Loc IPO’s for walking. If you need help with that, OTO has a tut on his site, but I don’t have it bookmarked. Search him in the Member List and go to his site for the tut.

Here. I dug it up for you. It was written using an older version of Blender, but it’s still applicable. Make sure you thank OTO for his hard work.


and thanks for digging it up…too late for me to start tonight tho

its 12:47 i got to go to school :eek:

Oh, no need to thank me. Being referenced by people like you its enough! :slight_smile:
But…it’s true…how old they are?! How time passes fast…

old but still very useful :slight_smile: