Runtime Mouse Problem

(Torque) #1

Hi Blenderheads,
This is my first post so hello to you all,

I got Publisher a few days ago and have been testing and modifying all
my realtime blends, and the ones that have a camera which Tracks an
object, or ones with a mouse look script allways display the mouse icon
dead centre in the runtime window so i can never get to the edge of the window to close it down, ( i have to use Ctrl-Alt-delete ).
The blends with a point and click type script ( as in the Laptop demo )
Work fine, So is there a simple script to make the mouse icon dissapear?

Excuse my Python ignorance,  thanks for any help.

(datura) #2

i think, this should work :

import Rasterizer

Rasterizer.showMouse(1)   #0 is default

(saluk) #3

Yeah, that sounds right to me, just put it at the end of the mouse script.

Also, I think in publisher escape is a key just like any other, you need to set up escape (or any other button) to quit through logic otherwise you can’t get out of the game. You can get more complicated if you like and make a menu to quit the game from a menu instead.

(Torque) #4

Thanks for the replys , i think using an Escape key would be the best thing to use with the Mouse Look script, but i will try the Rasterizer showMouse(1) script with the "Track to camera " Blends
I get back to you if i have no success, thanks