runtime output issues

well heres the scoop i put something simple togather a rotathing icosphere and a ring for a screensaver cause i was getting bored with the defualts
i go to save it and it tells me there an error like the program has crashed or preformed an error thing and ms’s error thing says the problem is with python24.dll

i tried to open it as just a plain exe like i was opening a game and got the same thing

i install python from and still same thing

what can i do to remidy this

oh and my appoligies on the spelling issues im very very tired

Okay. What you want is the Python 24.dll in the blender folder to be in the same folder as your game. You also need to put the SDL.dll in there too.

i saved the game to the folder where blender is

if this helps at all
i also tried to open that same file and it opened fine and i saved a runtime of it using 2.41 and everything worked fine

i have the same problem

Well, if no one else who has experienced this problem has a solution, I’d say we need to look at your files to find the error. If you don’t mind, please post your .blend file and the .exe you created. Also, we need to know which version/build of Blender you are using.

im using 2.42

heres my blend if it doesent work let me know ill move it elsewhere

oh and latest 2.42

edit: Wait, I accidentally used 2.41. I can’t believe I did that! Give me a minute to retest it. Sorry if I sent you on a wild goose chase about the PYTHONPATH thing.

I tried it again, this time with 2.42. You’re right, it doesn’t work. Runs fine from Blender, but crashes as a runtime. I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t in the Python24.dll, but rather somehow compiled into the runtime. I’m going to try a test with the blenderPlayer.

update: the blenderPlayer doesn’t work either. Since Blender packages .blends with the blenderPlayer to create a runtime, my guess is that the problem is in the blenderPlayer .exe file. I’m going to try replacing the 2.42 blenderPlayer with the 2.42 RC3 blenderPlayer. My guess is that it will work.

update 2: As I thought, the problem is in the blenderPlayer .exe that shipped with the Windows build of 2.42. For now, I suggest replacing your 2.42 blenderPlayer with the one from RC3. Of course, you will not be able to take advantage of any bug fixes between RC3 and the final release this way… Maybe it just compiled wrong. I’m no good at building from the CVS or the source, but maybe someone else could try to recompile it and test the blenderPlayer.