Runtime problem

I have a runtime problem. I made a 3d classroom with a game-engine.
U can control the camera. To the right left up down etc.
And u can rotate the camera with the mouse.

I installed the blenderplayer and I saved it as a runtime.

But it get a white screen and thats all.

What am I doing wrong?

First guess, did you apply materials in the material window or did you use either vertex paint or UV maps?
Only vertex paint and UV maps work in game engine

also did you remember to pack your data? (File>Pack Data)

hmmm didnt knew that i only can use the game engine with vertex and engine maps. my project is to make an nice animation so i think i need to make an animation through the classroom. I think thats the best alternative dont u guys think?

Uv Maps can be very attractive, if you want an interactive file, you need to use the game engine, if you simply want to show off the classroom, then an animation might be easier.