Runtime Problem

Hi there!
when i save the runtime of game…and i open it i get a blue screen and i dont see nothing in game! after i press esc it quits but i dont see anything!

Hey, did you ever get this problem figured out? Because I’m having the exact same issue. I really want this solved.

Did you include all needed Dlls?

Dlls are the files with gears on the icon in the Blender foundation folder in Program files.

In blender (before you save a runtime), go to File -> Pack Data.

I don’t like commandeering someone else’s thread, but I fear that, after the over 3 months that have passed, BlenderBGE isn’t watching this thread anymore. I do, however, believe that he and I are/were experiencing the exact same problem, whatever causes it.

Yes, all the required DLLs are in the same directory as the game. I’m sure of this because these are the same DLLs I used on a runtime saved from Blender in the past.

If you mean File -> External Data - > Pack into .blend File, I’ve already done this. For that matter, I always do it on any project, game or otherwise, to make sure I don’t accidentally lose texture files (from moving them, accidental deletion, and so on).

If perhaps I should note, I’ve been performing a lot of the work on the game in an svn of Blender 2.49b. I have attempted to save a runtime using the regular 2.49b, but that didn’t solve it, so I know the svn isn’t to blame. I’m running Windows 7 x64. I have saved the game as a runtime before with success, but now with a couple weeks of additional work into it, I can not.

I can supply a .blend to those who believe they can help, but I’d rather not post it publicly (that, and it’s about 55MB or so).

Edit: I forgot to mention, but I have reason to believe that the objects aren’t being “created” at all; my evidence to support this is that the console is displaying errors about various objects that are required in python scripts as nonexistant. Here’s an example:

Python script error from controller “Add fireball#CONTR#3”;
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Fireball”, line 10, in <module>
KeyError: “CList[key]: ''OBFireball key not in list”

this is an odd problem, its probably not you, its a bug, if we find a solution we should report it,

Have you retried saving the runtime file to see if it was a one time thing?:confused:

Yes, from both the svn of 2.49b that I’ve been working from, and from the original 2.49b (downloaded from the website). I’ve also attempted to use the DLL files supplied with both the svn and the original 2.49b program folder, but it makes no difference.

You say a runtime works if you just use the default blend?

I suggest to try to narrow the problem down by removing parts of the not working blend, until you get a working version. The objects you removed last should be the problem.

You can do that “logarithmic” to save time:

  1. Remove half of the scenes.
    -> it does not work -> 1.
    -> it does work -> Go back to the previous version of the file. Remove the other half of the scenes -> 1.

Do the same with objects.

You should end up with a file that contains one object that produces the problem. Keep in mind there might be more objects in the original file.

If you end up without objects, it is not related to the objects. Maybe some other data.

Wait, I fixed it! I don’t know why, but I moved every single object to the first layer, and the runtime worked perfectly. I had a very similar problem with UV mapping, where when I tried to bake the AO blender claimed there was no image to bake to, despite it being set up just fine; moving it to the first layer fixed it.

So, now I’ll just temporarily move everything to the first layer before saving runtimes :3 (as an added bonus, it’s running way smoother than it does than from inside the blender program. yay!)

I think it might be related to either there being an awful lot of objects, textures, layers used, or something, but this “layer 1” issue I’ve only had with this project, and not until it had gotten much more complex as a level (and, perhaps to note, after I had started using GLSL shading).

Thanks for the help guys, I hope this solution works for anyone to stumbles upon the same problem.