Runtime UV-mapping manipulation.


Is it possible to manipulate the object’s UV-mapping at runtime?

I would like to gradually rotate and move it on y-axis with python/logic. The UV-mapping shape and size should stay intact.

Thank your for your advance.


Yeah, get an object’s mesh, then step through each vertex in the mesh (mesh.getVertex(mesh number in the object, each vertex in the mesh)), and slide the UVW values around. You’ll have to get the UV values at the beginning to slide them around, though.

Thanks Joeman16,

I’m one step closer to the primary flight instrument.

The .blend file has a artificial horizon LCD display demo / concept made with setUV().

Use the left/right arrow-keys for the roll and up/down arrow key for the pitch.

The real thing


UV_scroll_01.blend (97.6 KB)