Runtimes won't work?

Hello again people. I am using Blender 2.43 RC1 and it seems i can’t get a working runtime if it has textures.

Or then i am doing something else wrong - I packed all the data and the pictures, but still it shows an error.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I to have being having trouble making runtimes work, I have followed all the steps and included all the correct files in the same directory etc.

Some times it says python24.dll error or something along those lines.

My first suggestion would be use 2.43 RC3 (available at from the link on the frontpage news section). If it is a bug in RC1, it may have already been fixed. If you are still having that problem with RC3, then ask about it again.

Argh, no it worked well for a moment but when i tried to set the camera so that it shows the made with blender text it crashes. arg