ruokasali: elephant

just to let you know, if anyone is interested or remembers even…
or maybe this is just for me, to let myself know i still exist… i don’t know.
but one more character done, and one to go…

he is the elephant, sitting in corner sofa, and holding tightly a big bug…


This is great! Excellent texturing, really love the jacket and skin texture! Really good job on the hair aswell. I will be following this thread closely:)

Reminds me a little of elephants dream but has a different style. Great work so far!

the hand appears to overlap the cuff of the jacket.

He looks awesome though

and the buttons on the jacket are levitating?!! (left pic, I see the buttons separated from their shadow)

Anyways, fantastic model&materials

I think this is quite poor. Should you try modelling birds and flowers instead?

Interesting design basse. Sort of “Tool” video inspired character looking to me.

Can’t wait to see some more.


WOW thats really good

the hand in the side view looked like it was coming out the side?
also how did you make the coat?? its really good

i like the texture work to

sorry, I don’t know what to think of this. The texturing and style are there, but I’m a little confused as to things like the fingers, the sleeves, and the face, or parts of it, seem a bit messy to me. Like the (upper) eyelids, the downwards flat nose, and most notably, the ears. But maybe, nah probably that’s just a style thing you are going for. The fingers look to much like extruded cilinders to me, as does the end of the jacket.
But knowing your skills those things are most likely stylistic choices.

I’ll wait to see what this turns into.

yep. you are all correct on the points said here.

when i say character is done, it doesnt usually mean it’s done-done. it means i have the design there (it’s usually hard and strange process for me) but i am still fixing, tweaking and adding details… but not changing how it generally looks.

face i don’t think i’m going to touch anymore, happy with that. (eyelids, nose, ear… just remember it’s not a real person, he never was.)

jacket already has wrinkles and more shape.

fingers… or hands… well i’m going to leave them quite undetailed… i added fingernails, but i think that’s it. other stuff i will do with texturing. thing is, i am not sure how i’m going to render them out finally, so might be that too much detail would go to waste anyway.


hmm, slowly but uncertainly the work progresses.

here’s a little test drive how the main room might look like… details are missing, this is mainly for trying to figure out the mood… i also have a woman character, but still needs a bit work… will show that later.

oh, and sorry about the darkness… i dont know why it came out like that.