Rupella XIII

I create this topic for not polluting this one: Carcassonne Medieval city where a conversation started about this medieval fps simulation.

The main install file can be found over there:

This app uses shader model 2, therefore able to run on old devices.
It has been built 9 years ago.

All objects are modeled/textures/animated in blender and core system for the app is unity3D.

hope you like it :slight_smile:

happy blending !

EDIT: for those not knowing the project, here are some info and screenshots of Rupella XIII.

Rupella XIII is the 3D reconstitution of the medieval city of La Rochelle ( France ) in the 13th century.
The application allows user to freely move around, in a fps manner, all the city, discover the citywalls, the harbours, the bridges, the districts and all the places of this city at this period.
Of course with some funds ( and time ) this could have become a game or many other things…
As is, it’s just ( only ) a freely visitable place for any person on earth.
Then find it, see it, and talk about it around you :smiley:

Hope you like it !
If you do, or don’t, just please telle me :wink:

Note: Those screenshot are very old and therefore web address and mail don’t exist anymore ^^
There are now some others: and relations(at)kleioscope(dot)fr

Happy blending !

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Reporting from the 13th century.
That was fantastic. A real type simulation .

A lot to explore. The frame rate was about 200-250 and the noise from the fan wasn’t too severe, not like the jet engine of last time. However I usually I only run default vert-sync at 60 fps

I will get back to it later today and make a full exploration.

Many Thanks and looking forwards to a full exploration of the app later today.


hi @barrymaritime !

I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:
Just for info as am not sure i wrote it somewhere, the usefull keys are

  • F1 -> help
  • ESC -> menu
  • keypad + and - -> time of day
  • SHIFT -> run
  • SPACE -> jump

This app is quite basic as it was my first one :wink:

It’s pretty unfinished as i thied to seduce the local instances to fund the finalization of this project, but i found no way. nobody cared, and then i let it as is and did something else.

Th place of everything except the houses ( the poor wooden houses and the bigger and richer ones ) is as it was in the past:

  • the city walls and gates
  • the 2 primary harbours
  • the mills ( though many are missing ) both wind and water
  • the streets and their nowadays and older names
  • the churches
  • the cemetaries
  • the castle
  • the wells and burried fountains
  • the bridges

It’s been a lot to do as i started with blender 2.49 and migrated all to the 2.7-like blender ( for toons and anims ), learnt using unity3D with coding shaders, scripts and making the scene, and also dug in the city archives for doing things as accurate as possible.

All houses, even if they have a medieval look are not at all what they werein the 13th c. Most of them were made of wood and were much more dirty. But as the app was a proof of concept that found no funds, i let them as is…

You’ll note the northern disctricts of the city are totally unpopulated. This is when i stopped the dev.
No doubt those places will stay as no-mans-land for ever :wink:

anyway i’m always glad to see some people discovering it and liking this work that needed about 2500 hours of work :smiley:
If you go in my forum from my website, you’ll see about La Rochelle a friend of mine who made a wonderfull moke-up of the city in 1626, just before the siege.

And also you might try the Knightsbury app. It’s mush more advanced graphics though it’s still on the same unity Kleioscope core. You might like it as it’s more visually accurate. I did this whith a history student. You can read the WIP here: Knightsbury XIV - A Walk Through a Medieval Town (Blender + Unity3d)

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

Thank for the additional details. Bit tricky these forums but needs must. I found a few of the keys to use and also the mouse, I think also wasd.

I managed to explore some of the route. I only found the bottom part of the scene by chance compass and map.

I don’t know if it would be possible but the frame rate up to about 300 or so I am not keen on that. New computer came today so not keen on the fan burning out. I think the only the 60 frames would suit me.

I don’t think I found your website could you give the link again.
and i will explore the other links you mentioned.

I had a look at the Knightsbbury video link and there is certainly a lot of detail.

Many Thanks. Barry

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Hi @barrymaritime

Sorry for the late answer. Had to handle some side things…

hmmm may i ask ? would you care beeing my… frame-rate-tester please ? :stuck_out_tongue:
You appear to have a powerfull machine. Much more than mine.
Mine is low-mid power as i always want to keep an idea of what people see on low-mid-end hardware.

Therefore, i never ran at 300 fps ! :rofl:

gimme some few time and i’ll change some rupella XIII settings so that it could allow you to run at 60 fps. I’ll just ask you to tell me wether it works or not :wink:
To be honest, as i never sold any app, i’ve never been comfronted to these questions that need in any way to be answered :wink:

I think all my apps ( i mean, all that are on my website, ald also all the opthers that haven’t even been published to private download ) will run a hundreds fps on your machine.

My website is
you’ll find knightsbury, rupella XIII and St Nicolas tower.
The android version of this later one is on google app store, payed. but if you want is for free just tell me in MP and i’ll raise a link for you on my website.

I bet you’ll like knightsbury. Though it’s much smaller than Rupella XIII, i can say it’s much more historically realistic :wink:

Hear from you soon !

and happy blending ! :slight_smile:

EDIT: i’m sorry my apps stress your fans… but in a way i’m happy to see a what frame rate run my apps without fences :wink:

Hi Thanks for post. I am a bit off computers at present. i,e new computer, Wrestling with windows 10, router has ethernet cable stuck in it and probbaly have to buy a new router and so.
I can download any while I stay connected to internet and will sort things out eventually I suppose.

I don’t think users would be happy at very high frame rates as can sound like a jet engine. I remember opennrails (railway) I think had same problem for testing and they introduced select option to run at 30/60 vertsync.

I think that might have a bearing on number of people who look at these simulations. Maybe people could with sliders at nil to start, then gradually increase then to the rate they want.
I didn’realise was your site
I did look at Knighstbury and it had a lot of detail.
In the future vertical printing might create your towns.
Could test again what i ran and tell you the frame rates.
But won’t stay too long on them (wink).

Thanks for all the details.

In your screenshots nice view from above I could’nt manoever to that height.

A quick test again
all settings sliders set to nil, start 424 but drops back to about 250 varying on roads.
With settings to max full sliders drops right down to about 100 varying. I couldn’t get to height you were at in screenshot and remained more at street level. Have a new monitor so will try that ‘when’ I set it up. using arrow keys, wasd also works. mouse to turn it as not sure of key to turn.

you cannot go that high as i removed the fly mode long time ago :wink:

I got a problem of import of vertex colored meshes in unity3D.

Things have to be reworked and therefore need time that i don’t have yet, for recompiling the project in U3D.
Then i’ll have to delay the solution to the frame-rate issue :frowning:

sorry @barrymaritime :confused:
If i find a quick fix, i keep you informed on this topic :slight_smile:

happy blending !

Thanks for post. It is not important. It was just to give you an idea. Easiliy solved for me as will put the sliders to full on if I run it again and frame rates then about 100. It was more for other people. Still battling with this new computer and router, so using the older one.


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Ran Knightsbury again and followed the horse and cart in. The shopkeepers and market stalls were very true to life and brings the scene ‘alive’

I wonder what the poor chap on the gallows did to end up there (wink).

I would call it a well done interactive simulation! with game element. (smile)

Thanks Barry

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