russian automobil - how make it real?

Hi, everybody! That’s my W.I.P. and I don’t know what parameters should I use to make such flashes as shown below.

You will have to add a lense flare (halo). Google blender lens flare.

edit: found a link


Thanksto GreyBeard. And below my scene and material.

can we see wat it looks like now??

Look at the first image of the thread.

I tried to add a lanse flare (halo) and found a problem: Halo intersects my auto. Look at the pictures below:
Parametres of Halo
And there is an array modifier applied to halo (mesh).

Do you have any suggestions?

You might could move the flare closer to the camera, if it is going to be a still. Here is a link that you may have already seen, it gives you some tips on matching real world lighting.

maybe set the # of lines to four, and make the mesh have one vert.

I moved the halo a bit closer to the camera and besides I used 2 halo (star and lines). The mesh has 2 verts.
Do you know how make smooth shadow?

Very nice jod on the flares! This project is coming along very nicely.
Im not sure what renderer you are using. If you are using the internal renderer, try using an area light and up the samples to around 9. This will soften your shadows realistically. Also maybe raise the black level on the interior of the car. Notice that the blackness on your car is much darker than in the background. Also, using AO to add a slight grain to the render will also make it match the background better. And, if possible, maybe lower the saturation of the render.

Thanks. Yes I’m using the internal renderer and AO settings, and there is a sun light in the scene.
Now I’m testing the area light with samples eq. to 9 and some parametres of the car material.

If using a ray shading sunlight with an arealight, i think the sharp shadows created by the sun will still be there. Maybe you could turn off ray shading on the sun, but this may affect your render alot. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to get soft shadows from a ray sun.

hey how do u get the plane there without makin it keep a shadow
or keep the car from makin a shadow on the pic. im tryin to do basically the same thing

New problem appears
There is a dilema If I use an area light there is a bad light on the edge of the car, but the shadow as you can see come smooth. And the saturation is like as the background.
Tell me what variant do you prefer? Or what should I do to get rid of the light on the car’s edge?

are you working in blender or another prog ? in post prod, like in photoshop, you can add some noise, as there is in the picture. Try also to decrease the raymirror, and maybe decrease the Hard value. try to blur it too, in photohop or another painting prog. the color are also too saturated

the glass is too transparent. increase alpha and raymirror
try a spotshadow to have a more blurred shadow on the ground

last thing, I don’t think you need to add exactly the same halos on the car, the sun isn’t lighting the car in eht foreground with the same angle that the car you added. maybe one is enough, and in anotehr place

nice work though

Yea the lighting on the car looked much better in the previous render. Area lights can really up the realism when used with AO, but you have to crank up the AO samples as well. Plus I can also still see the hard shadow created by the sun. Ive not used spotlights for creating soft shadows, but that might be a better solution for you. I would use the the spotlight for shadow only, and turn off the shadows created by the sun. As for the flares, I like them.

2 Soulpad and oldskoolPunk Thanks fellows. I really apreciate your advises and I’m sure that with your help I’ll make this work better. :slight_smile:
I use only Blender 2.42, the textures are prepared in Gimp 2.2
I don’t want to use a post prod because of … mmmm … I’m sure that everything can do with Blender. :slight_smile:
If you would like to see other views (perspectives) my W.I.P. located there, I began to do it using YafRay.
As soon as posible I’ll show you my picture.

Here they are, I think it’s the last release. What do you think? :slight_smile:
Oh, I forgot I used a spot light instead the area light because of the smooth shadow. And look at the glasses I changed the material.