Russian Girl

Hi people.
my Name is Ignacio Mayorga (PMRvisual)
and Here mi last Work in Blender!

Russian Girl,
the face is imperfect, because not all are blonde with full lips, clear eyes!

to me, makes perfect imperfection

This is made in blender?
I don’t believe you, after some analyzing of this image my conclusion is that this was made in photoshop, GIMP or similar software
Take careful notice to the different angles of light, the obvious smoothed over edges, the even more obvious edges that aren’t smoothed.

Sculpt+texture, Polygon hair,in Blender… compositing in GIMP

@CubeGod: man I think you are right, it looks more like a bad collage than a render result.

Isn’t like she’s not perfect, the poor girl have some face deformities :’(, poor girl, she needs a extreme makeover…

I understand the idea of ​​imperfect face, but it is necessary to adjust the mouth and cheek, I do not know but Ive never seen a lot of girl on that kind of face unless if she was hit ! But the result is interesting , I hope to see some change !

wow, that seems to actually have been made in blender with the wireframe shots (still intrigued by the fact that it looks like a bad collage though, what texturing magic did you use to accomplish this?)

Omg rotfl…

Could definitely use some work in the face area and in the underarm - she’s got some problems that seeing the truncated wireframe for definitely isn’t helping.

Girls from Russia look much more attractive ;(

Arms look very painful… I think fixing them would change the overall feel drastically.

Oh, and imperfection is much much much more easy to achieve too!

I agree with the others saying that she has some serious problem in the face and in the arms area…not jut imperfections (that would be good), but a really strange result. I guess that some texture strangeness is because of the post pro in Gimp.

Must try harder, and she will be perfect:smiley: