Russian helicopter Mi-6

Hello, there guys

Some weeks ago, I have seen pictures of the impressive big Mil Mi-6 helicopter on the internet. I thought that it sure would be nice to have this one modeled. Here is a picture of the original:

compare the helicopter to that guy at the right rear tire.
And here is what I made so far with Blender:

My texture will show the Russian livery and not the Vietnamese as seen above. And I’ll also make the interior.

please write comments!



The model looks really good so far. i want to see it when its textured

Nice one.
Can we see some wires?

Hi, simonced!

Of course you my see the wires:

Here are some older pictures of the current interior, I made in some of the last weeks: The references are posted as links between the images!



I’ve noticed you simplified the attachment of the main rotar blades to the top. Its just a box :D. Maybe detail that a bit more.

I will. But this ain’t an easy work:
As a matter of fact, there still are lots of details to do like the windows, the fuel-tanks, the tail-rotor (steering system and blades) and the landing gears need to be remodeled and The helicopter needs doors at the sides, and so on. Most of it isn’t very easy, so it will take a lot of time. BTW: I have already started to make the rotor-head. But I have not yet come to a point where I can duplicate it and put it on my helicopter.
On of the main problems with the main-rotor-head is that it is a 5-blade rotor.


Ok… Here is a picture of the current status of the main rotor attachment. I hope you see what part it is. There are missing some bolts.



Just a texture test. Please write me if you like it!


The helicopter look fine.Not sure about the door.

Which door do you mean? The pilot’s door?


Yes, I realize its a lot of work but even doing some of it will make it look better than just boxes ;).

very nice work dude …are these all polygons quads ?

I know boxes look stupid. But you know… it’s not finished yet and the boxes were old experiments to get the rotor-head done. BTW: I will do all details I can get from pictures on the internet or my own from the museum in Hermeskeil as good as I can.

And no, not all polygons are quads. There are lots of tris too and it think that this will make texturing a hard job. Anyway I try to have most of the faces quads.


Ok, guys

I worked the last few hours on a rigging for the main rotor. I’ll attach the .blend of my armature for you, so you will have the chance to understand it. You may use it for your own projects but please don’t pretend that it’s your work.
To use it: The Swashplaterotator-bone defines the rotation of the swashplate. If you move it, the whole swashplate will be tilted. Even if you spin it. The Swashplatecontroller-bone’s Z-position is used to get a general rotation for every blade. And the Mainaxis-bon is to spin the rotor.
If you don’t understand helicopter mechanics, I recommend to read the wiki-article about swashplates and helicopters.
NOTE: To animate a tailrotor, you will not need to have the swashplaterotator-bone. But you will need everything else. And of course you can modify for a 2-/3-/4-/6-/7-/8- and so on -blade mechanics.


Edit: Now better file, works in even if tilted to the side.


Bonesetup_main_rotor.blend (147 KB)

I am sorry, but this has to be said: The file above contains a wrong working mechanism. The problem is, that the tilt to the sides does make the swashplate rotate wrong. I attach a file that has a new setup and the new setup doesn’t have this problem. Have fun with it!

NOTE: Now the “Swashplateaxis”-bone is used to animate everything. You will have to rotate it along it’s Normal Y-Axis to spin the rotor.



Rotor_setup_improved.blend (158 KB)

Hey, folks

I have a little update. My (not yet completely working) bone-setup would be useless if there wasn’t anything to animate with.
Please write me what you think about this


Looking good :slight_smile: I am looking forward to seeing this finished.

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It’s time for a new update!


PS: Thanks for all your replies!


Sick amount of details! :slight_smile:

Very good model. :slight_smile:

Very detailed model of the rotor blades!