Russian legend

Hello, nice to meet you


hello nice to meet you too car

i hope you enjoy your driving trip here
see ya later

Hello guys, I would like to discuss the way of making dirty part of its surface diffuse and the cleaner part - more of glossy

besides I faced a problem with displacement operator. Instead of bumps it creates awfull caves. I think thats because I scaled down the whole mesh to match characters of the scene. Now my car is twice as little as default cube…

This is the owner of the car


cool owner… he has a nice sweater, kinda like mine… :slight_smile:

:smiley: Yes. And there is certain chance you have such a car zhiguli))) Watch this

Hello RIPP. It’s a Lada?
If it is, I’ve driven one here …

Hello, Travis, yes)) The first model of lada - zhiguli ))

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t own that car… Nice video, I understood like a fifth of what he was saying… Lada Niva is very popular over here…

Yeah)) I know m_sq)) Man, its such a hell of work here with this project. I need to at least tease the cartoon march release. I ve got papa mama and a son acting in a sort of series:spin::spin::spin::spin::spin:

I wish you luck and happy blending… :slight_smile: