Russian T 34

there is something on the tank tracks! in the bottom middle there is a black smudge! might want to fix that!

Looks like a nice start. Keep on going.


Nice start. Looks like you’ve got all the basic details done. Now just add more :smiley:

Good detail. I did a primitive t-35 for a game. t-35 must be very different than t-34?

I think it’s looking good, it needs more detail…
I don’t think this is your tank, but could be helpfull…

yeah, i see that. cant figure out how the crap to get rid of it though. ah well, i’ll leave it for now and just post process it out if a solution doesnt present itself…

aye… take a look at a wireframe… i think you have two faces occupying the same space.

This is a dupli of the link, for sure… :wink: your track is one link too “long”!

nah, thats not the issue, trust me, that was the first thing i assumed too… meh, i’ll leave it for now and work on the hatches and other nurnies…


Here’s another reference site:


nah seriously, its all good stuff. thanks a heap cativo!