Rust critique

Alright, i am going to throw myself to the wolves once more. Since i have a pretty clear idea on what needs improvement i will be thankful if you can keep to the subject which is the rust. My own critique to myself is that this looks fairly decent. The rust looks close to real ruust, and the bump is close to what i have seen on real lamps.But i cant depend solely on my own subjective perception.

So how is this? Does it look like rust? Is it over or under done? How about the rustspread? And


To me it looks more like a decorative rust than a, been sitting outside in the rain and wilderness rust. A more random rust around the whole of the lamp might make it look more authentic although this is just an opinion and preference. It really depends on what kind of rust you are going for. Rust actually tells a story of where and or what the object with the rust has been though to be where it is now. All said though it really does look great. Keep up the good work.

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I plan to create yet another layer of rust that will be more randomly spread. The layer you see on the lamp are made to appear along edges cause thats where rust and wear and tear often appears first.