Rust/Erode Painter

I had a great idea for a script, let’s say that you have a model of an old car, robot, suit of armor that has a whole lot of detail and you want the crevices and creases to rust, but not only that, but you want the edges to have more specularity than the surfaces. Anyone have any idea on how to get this done?

I’m not a coder, but it intrigues me. I would think that it could be done by using an AO bake. You bake AO, and then use all of the darker regions as a mask for rust.

I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work out too well for me.

There’s this script (latest version is for 2.42, but it probably still works):

It’ll bake edge angles to vertex colors which you could then use with Nodes to build a mask (similar to how you’re probably doing with an AO bake), but its resolution dependent since its based on vertex colors (i.e. having more vertexes will probably give you better results). There’s a couple other scripts similar (they’re linked on that page) that might work as well.