Rust In Peace

Hi everyone , this is my first time at this site.

Inspired on a 1/35 scale model tank and a diorama i did years ago, i created this on blender and gimp.I hope you enjoy.

This is a fantastic image, milefe, especially for a first post! All the elements of the scene work well together; the dilapidated tank, the bird on the barrel, the grass and the environment around the vehicle. The grass and vegetation is fantastically well done. How long did it take you to create this scene? I can tell you put a lot of work into the tank itself.

If I had any critiques to give, it would be that I would like to see some extra work done with the lighting/compositing. As it stands currently, the lighting looks very natural, so you did a great job making the lighting look believable. However, I think adjustments could be made to some of the darker areas of the tank, such as along the side of the vehicle, to add more detail and variation to the image. With so much of the vehicle covered with a rusty texture, it can start to look monotonous in the shadows. There could also be some specular areas which, if in shadow, would still reflect a bit of light back, and help break up this sameness. Additionally, you could also perform some post processing to adjust the image a bit in different ways, such as burning/dodging.

But as it stands now, the image looks very good, and the lighting is quite believable. Fantastic work!

I love this image!
Fantastic, nothing to say…
And the title is brilliant :smiley:

I get Stalker vibes from it! Looking superb.

top row quality!

beautiful subtle makes you think.

Very cool, love the bird there

wow, this is really good job :smiley:
I think if you put some mud somewhere near the water would be better :slight_smile:

I just wanted to add that I’m viewing this image again on a different monitor, and the shadows are much less dark now. Ignore what I said earlier, because I understand now that it was simply an uncalibrated monitor that was affecting the image. 5 stars from me, milefe!

Thanks to everyone! All the coments are very welcome.

I started with the modeling of the tank a week ago and working a couple of ours every day it took my like 5-6 days with texturing and lightning. The final light orientation and positioning was made the day before the final render :).

I thought exactly the same! Really amazing work.

Image is excellent, but I like title more. Welcome to the forum, and this is quite surprising as 1st post.

Thx to everyone. This is my first post in this site but not my 1st work ofc :). I have posted before on cgcookie some of my projects , like “Somewhere in Hobbiton” or “M8 barrett”.

I really like the picture but what really blow my mind was the title of the image " Rust in Peace" so creative absolutely love it :slight_smile:

Great model, and great compo.
I remember this type of tank with the side shields from playing Blitzkrieg (forgot its name), they were a bit underpowered by the time they appeared in the game/war, but were plentiful.
And yeah, the title is really really adequate !

Love you’re work Milefe!!! Would love to see a photo of you’re diorama too since I paint miniatures too.

What a great image, man! Your attention to details makes it so realistic, I couldn’t tell it’s virtual. The bird on the barrel is, IMHO, the “pièce de résistance”.

What an amazing image! Outstanding all around:)

After playing with the compositor and the ivy generator i got this image. Hope you enjoy.

Disappointed at the lack of Megadeth :frowning: But really, great render! The lighting specifically is excellent!