I wanted to see if I could make good looking rust on metal or chrome.
This is all blender and all procedurals.

(see last image for latest render)

Too shiny and the rust is too uniform, both in color and location.

  1. pofo

maybe you could use an image map or larger cloud texture as a stencil for the rust texture to vary it a bit, and, as pofo says, the shiny part is too shiny for something that has rust, perhaps make it less shiny+less reflective, and add a map to vary the shininess and reflection in the non-rusted parts to give it a more worn look.
I think its a really cool texture though- in a way “hyper real” rather than photo real.

I do agree… shiny is too shiny, and rust spots are too uniform, and rust coplour is too saturated and too uniform…

Keep it up!


Thanks for the tips and feedback. In the first pic the objects kind of look like they had gold flake (?) on them, maybe? Update. Texture tweeks. This still all Blender and all procedurals.

Better :slight_smile:

Now play on Bumps!

Rust is raised, because iron is very compact but rusting it expands and, slowly, crumbles down.

You need a bumpmap to fake this raising.


now i don’t think its shinny enough anymore it just looks like a matt grey colour now!!

little bit more shinny thanks.

its only an opinion but i preferd the shinnyness of the first(not quite that shinny) with the larger rust spots.

yeah tell me the settings please.

Thanks again for all the tips and replies.

I tossed the gear out. The edge set up on the faces made it hard to get a specular apperance I liked (even in the above pics). Its has been replaced by the ring. I alterted the lighting set up, and added some shine to the objects. I stuck to my original goal to use only procedurals.

so far the best rust example that i’ve seen done in blender is here:

but you are getting there :slight_smile:

Yes I saw that a while back.

I was going for a more peeling, flaking, crusty rust. However here is my scene with the Stucci Nor bumps applied, witht the same values from the link you provided.

i presume that you are using a colourband to create the rust colour.

if so i think that the colour band needs a little tweeking.

i think it would look a tiny bit more realistic if there was a bit more NON-RUSTY areas.

so the colour band being more compacted to one end would look maybe a bit better .

fewer but larger spots of rust.

also have you tried a complete copy of the rust texture over the top of the other but with a much smaller size rust pattern that has spots few and far between.

it may give more variation on the size of the current spots.

how big is the blend file

Thanks for the ideas.

I actually used clouds. No colour bands were used. I think I’m going to step away from this for now.

Remember that the cloud procedural in blender doesn’t have bump-map support. Use a texture plugin for that purpose.