rusted cave - UPDATED

EDIT: new screenshots at the bottom

hi, just 2 screens to show a demo that i’m making.
it’s a cave composed of stone/metal/rust in which one plant is growing
the lighting will be made by a hole in the ceiling and a greeny fog in the abyss of the cave.
currently i’m doing the texture work
it’s just a techdemo no gameplay or anything in it, just graphics.

so any comments are welcome!
the plant
the hole in the ceiling

The texture of the ceiling looks very good, not even tretched, keep going texturing like that. Maybe you can tweak the flor texture a bit, it looks a little cartoony with the black lines, but overal it looks great. :smiley:

well, actually the ceiling texture IS streched but it looks okay due to the nature of the texture. As for the black lines for the ground, it was only to outline the different parts of metal…i’ll try to add a fake bump effect in the texture, some screws and a layer on top to make the whole thing looks more like one piece.

another thing, is the lensflare effect doable in blender?

anyway thx for reply

here are the new screenshots fully textured, the lighting is nearly finished
i will release a demo soon
comments are welcome

whoa! this is looking wickedly interesting man. Well intrigued.


Holy shit scherten :o

hey nor no swearing. dude thats fukin awesome .

oops :smiley:

How’d you do the lighting so well??? :o

i was also wondering abut that hmm…

me too


me too[/quote]
it almost looks like a render XD

He may be a graphics designer - the lighting is probably the texture.

Now if only blender can make baked lightmaps like the Torque engine. :slight_smile:


anyway, good ideea, good texturing, good modeling.

well thanks for replies :slight_smile:
r2bl3nd is right, the lighting is baked into the textures and it use radiosity, but not made into blender :frowning:
and since blender doesn’t support lightmap/multitexturing, i used HUGE textures (no tiles) and thats the only draw-back of this technique, it uses a LOT of memory…
the scene tris count is 2904 so pretty fluid, even on a p3 500/TNT2 but with slow loading times. If anyone knows how to do a loading screen, then i would be glad to hear how.

i think that the most important feature that should be integrated into blender is multitexturing (with at least 2 uv sets) so we could do lightmaps and use tiled textures…thats really a BASIC feature that is used for years in games, i’m not asking realtime shadows or shader stuff, just plain multitexturing, i could sell my soul for that :stuck_out_tongue:

so know i’m trying to resize/compress the textures so i could put a demo online at my site

@r2bl3nd: yes i’m a graphics designer (in fact i’m looking for a job…)

I can host Big files on my homepage, i can host it for you if you want?

well its already being worked on, just so you know, even realtime lightmapping. I for one have tested out the lightmapping and in its first stages, looks pretty impressive. so just keep being patient and it’ll come, k?


@nor.j: well i managed to get it about 10Mo without too much quality loss so it’s okay for now…but maybe when i had it completly finished i’ll contact you, anyway thanks

@doogs: sounds cool if it’s in the work, i’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:
what are u meaning by “realtime lightmapping”, a buil-in lightmapper in blender or some kind of dynamic lightmap?

:o that is the best thing I have seen in the game engine!

about the loading screen i have one that works when it starts loading it appears and when it is done loading it dissappears but i have no idea how to make a progress indacater you can have a spinning sphere or something that tells is not froze

just make the game go to a empty scene at the startup and have it add the loading scene as an overlay scene and set scene as the main scene
and on an always sensor no pulse mode on the main scene remove the loading one

it works on my game.