Rustic Bathroom

This is a great scene but I agree with Behnkes3Design that the the light coming from the window is too white, You only get that sort of light in the middle of the day which it clearly isn’t so try making it slightly blue to add a bit of a morning feel.

Here’s the latest render and think it’s looking a lot better than before now.

Are you sure that your floor boards are the right size? They look a bit big to me. I think they should be around 2/3 the width they are now.

They are the size I wanted, as found some old floor boards for sale on ebay from a house being demolished in the UK, and matched the dimensions from them, although they are slightly larger than usual. Is it normal when you upload an image on here that the they look a lot worse than the file uploaded? Guessing the site converts them to a JPG or similar and applies compression to keep the file size down. I do agree with your comment though about the size of the room, and thinking of moving things around slightly and re-positioning the camera and changing the aspect ratio to see if it helps. I also forgot to set the focus on the camera too which is something I meant to do. I appreciate all the good feedback though. As something you would be interested in btw, i’ve gone back to a project I started a couple of months ago re-creating a dalek, and will upload that by the end of the week, as found some blueprints online, and after watching the new episodes of dr who on tv, I thought i’d finally finish it :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing it. Can you send me a PM when you get it up? I’m always interested in seeing new Doctor Who work.

It’s a bit funny, I’ve noticed that sense I’ve joined, there seems to be more and more whovian activity in this forum. I should start a whovians group and see if anyone joins.

I realized, a sun lamp shouldn’t do anything with an HDR, I might be wrong though and that’s only for world volumes. Also you shouldn’t need a sun lamp if you going to use an HDR anyway. Greg Zaal has a great article here on a trick to get good HDR lighting.

That is a great trick. Make a note of that one. I’d been creating black and white masks to do a similar thing.

That is a great idea, so will try that out :slight_smile: Thanks

Yeah, I’ve shared it a few times today. Did you paint your masks using gimp/photoshop? Seems like you would have more control that way, but it would be much more time consuming.

Yes, I added a layer in photoshop and painted white on the bright parts. Then used it as the factor in a mix. You do have more control, but, because of the hassle, you wind up doing it less.