Rustic Bedroom


After years of modeling, outside of the time change poster, I’ve never really done a bedroom scene, and even that one wasn’t as fully detailed a room as I could have done… and the focus on that one wasn’t so much the room as the timepiece to remind people of the time change.

AND after seeing so many interior pieces, seeing feedback others were getting and things I was noticing myself, I knew I really needed to at least try a decent interior shot, keeping in mind everything that I’ve learned.

Now, I haven’t taken Andrew Price’s Architecture Academy (yet… The opportunity just hasn’t presented itself yet to make that possible), but I feel like with some effort, I can make a decent room.

Feedback welcome along the way. I gathered up several images on Houzz and pulled some ideas from each. I’m also attempting to model to scale so everything should fit together nicely in relation to each other.

Current image:

Keep in mind that all of these textures so far are box mapped textures. I know some of them are wrong. I’ll come back and work on textures once I have everything more or less modeled. I have textures here mainly to get a feel for how everything will look in relation to each other.

The idea is a very woody, country, rustic feel for a bedroom, and I’m liking how it’s progressing. Still a lot of work to do, though.

This is the first look where I started the scene. Here, it’s just the room, the bed, and the mirror. The mattress isn’t textured because it will be covered later and is mainly there to help model the bed and as a target for the sheets and blankets later.

The dresser for the scene. I really liked the idea of not only the curved top, but the curved front side. It really adds some interest to the piece.

After doing the dresser, I realized that the feet were wrong, so I fixed them. To get the shape for the feet, I used curves and it was just a matter of scaling the bevel curve and adding some interest to it. I also added the hardware opting for a twisted iron look for the handles and finger pulls.

This is the rocker I did for the scene. I need to fix the back spokes, but I really like how the rest of this turned out.

Honestly, this is fairly exceptional work, man. This last image you posted doesn’t really scream CGI…It’s…really well done…
The other renders, the dresser: I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or what it is…but there’s something that’s just a bit off…
AH, it’s the wall. For some reason, and I can’t really explain it, that one wall that is darker than the others is kinda standing out and telling me it’s all fake.
With that said, I can say that the furniture is very well done. The little window above the bed is an accent that I really like. And the floor, well done on the reflection for the floor.
I know this is still WIP, but it’s very good. One thing I’ve noticed a lot of people forget: trim. Most houses have trim around the edges of the floor, the walls and the ceiling to help break up the lines…you might be adding that later, and that’s fine, but a lot of people miss that.

Not exactly finished with any part of this… A lot of the texturing is just to get a feel for it right now. And I just haven’t gotten around to the trim yet. But thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, sorry, forgot where I was. I really like your work so far, though

Updated the bed so that the edges weren’t so sharp and added trim to the walls. Also fixed the texture size of the bump on the walls (not the grey one, the other one).

Also added a nightstand. Still need to work on the inside of the drawers and I know the texturing needs work too. (I’ll be doing a pass on the textures later.)

Updated the bed so that the edges are less sharp.

During the Blender Market birthday sale, I picked up a procedural wood texture pack and updated most of the objects in my scene with it – and it already looks so much better. I also added in some candle holder.

After modeling a lot more pieces, then getting a critique in one of the CG Cookie Livestreams, I got to this point. Still not finished. Lots of texturing stuff to be done and maybe more pieces in different places.

From the other angle. (And yes, I know about the bubble floor. I think I already fixed that.)