Rustic cabin (from my mom's memory)

Did this cabin going off some crude floorplans my mom sent me from her memory as a girl in 1950s Canada. She said it was really rustic so I tried to go all out on dust (from the Blender Guru tutorial on procedural dust), smudges, rust and dirt. Also used Gleb Alexandrov’s volumetric lighting tutorial as well as some aspects of CG Cookie’s forest tutorial. In order to get colour variation for leaves on the same tree, I used CG Cookie’s tutorial on leaf randomizing. Grass, trees, rocks, shrubs, daises, and other greenery was spread through particle physics. Sapling addon was used for trees. All trees had to be converted from curve to mesh unfortunately (sapling used curves) but it was necessary for UV mapping and texture accuracy. Wood stove was done with sculpting.



Luscious details! The only suggestions that I would make have to do with the light. I think that you need to have some sunlight shining on the outside of the cabin, a warm light that casts definite dark shadows beneath the structure. (In several shots the cabin now appears set-in-place.) To my eye the illumination of the cabin needs warmth. Mottled sunlight hitting the grass, and so on.

Then, on the inside – less blue-mist, less of a blue cast overall, a definite warm tone to the volumetric light which would logically have to be sunlight-based because we see a very bright springtime day outside the door. Right now to my eye the stove disappears into the wall and is almost indistinguishable from it both in texture and illumination.

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Thanks! Really appreciate the feedback. I definitely really tried to make the greenery photo realistic. Good points on the outside and inside of the cabin…I agree a sun would have helped with shadows and warmth. The blueness was based on how I had mapped the HDRI I believe. I liked it because it really made it moody, however in retrospect you’re right there is a discrepancy between the weather outside the cabin and what is reflected inside. Also, I only realized at the very end of all the rendering that the windows were double paned (default in Archimesh addon) and I think that might have reduced clarity somewhat. Also the fact that I do not use ambient occlusion but I like the mood that it sets.

This is seriously amazing! This is the level of detail and realism that inspires me to keep learning. Great job. :smiley:

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Wow thanks!!! That means so much. You’re awesome

That blue debris on the floor seems a bit odd, but otherwise I like it.

Yeah it’s weird how the light reflected on the leaves that way…it wasn’t the material but the interior lighting. Wish I could have fixed that. Thanks though for liking!