Rusty Bike

This is my latest work.
I appreciate your feedback.

Modeled and rendered with Blender.
Textured in Substance Painter.



The detail is awesome. The shot of the front forks and tire is great. There’s a few textures to me that are a little heavy handed in the rust and grit but that’s nit picking.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, thats true. Some textures are a little bit overloaded with rust. Maybe i do some tweaking an load up an improved image.

You’re #featured! :+1:

absolute awesome

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Stunning model man! THough i think this scene needs a different backdrop. The bike just doesnt get much love with this environment.

Also the ighting could be better

I think the lighting is realistic and very well done.

Great Job @weflection, i love it

Beautifull work !
Whch kind of solution/software do you use for your texture ?

Thanks for your feedback.
For modeling and rendering i used blender. The texturing i made with substance painter.

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Thanks for your feedback. i agree, the backdrop has some space for improvement. Maybe i try to build an improved one.

Really good work. But why the yellow bar and seat are so clean compared to the rest of the model?

Thanks a lot.
The reason is because the driver fell on the last ride and the seat and the front suspension was serious damaged. So he had to renew those parts :grin:

Hmm…reincarnation of chunky old Honda 450 twin, converted to scrambler w/ very modern wheels, disk brakes, forks/ ends up looking very Harley-like. Don’t sweat the rust or the plain background: where the hell do old bikes end up, anyway, aristocratic villas? Nah, old barns & garages. Whoever thinks too much rust obviously has never tried to keep a bike - or Chevy truck, or Alfa-Romeo Duetto - clean when living by an ocean (salt air…). Really great job. And, yes, we do drop our bikes now & then, especially hammering off-road; so, new fork, seat or other parts will be new. Don’t change a damn thing.

And the leather mini-saddlebags are a nice touch. Very Harley - Leather! :wink: