rusty-knife & Hello world

Hi all
i have maded a little how-to ( only in italian for now sorry, babelfish help )
for the script found at
the tip is inspired from
the coolest script after LF export IMHO

comments are welcome

My first post :slight_smile: , be patient my english it’s really bad


English is fine,

script doesn’t work… unless I misunderstood yur italian tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: misunderstanding it’s ever possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange, try with other object, the only problem to
me it’s sometimes Blender crash due to Blender.Redraw
i think, but im not a programmer, hope to learn quickly.


I have added a complex object example
what you dont understand ?

tip: the newest version of the script is in the .tgz archive


Ok, I just want to clarify (for my dense brain) The purpose of this script is to split a section one way-only. Not subdivide, which is done both directions?

Are there other applications for it that I’ve missed… don’t misunderstand, I can see the use of being able to split in one direction only. I’m just wondering if there are other consequences that I’m not realizing???

Thanks, Ingie

Can’t see the use!!! It’s awsome feature. One almost always wants to subdivide along one direction, adding edgeloops or such for more detail.
I’m gonna try it tonight if I get the chance.

Mybe i dont understand your post :frowning: :slight_smile:
it make simple/quick add details to your model…
i dont known a quickest way to do the same in Blender
with one selection and push a button. :slight_smile:
In face selection mode ‘F’, for a better/precise
selection you can always swicth in edit mode
select faces with ‘B’ key move or rotate vertex,
exit from edit point and press the ‘cut’ button without leave
the face selection mode.
I think this is really helpfull mybe you dont , no problem :slight_smile:


object has no attribute name???

Switch to Face selection mode ‘F’ key select the face and press
‘knife cutting’.

that’s awesome!!!

Now i can use this script!
you can add many details to your work after modelling!

thanx for the “readme”!