Rusty Tank

Message: Hey. I’m new to the Blender and don’t have much experience. I would really appreciate some feedback from someone so I can see how I’m doing so far. Please take a look at my tank and these screenshots. I’d like any feedback on my model, just please remember that I’m still an absolute beginner. I appreciate your help.


what would you like to focus on? ie. composition/modeling/texturing/lighting/rendering?

seems like you are trying to tackle everything at once, which might prove to be too difficult. i know i’d be intimidated to learn that way.

i guess i would recommend setting the environment aside and focusing on the modeling of the tank.

getting some blue prints would be a good start (google search), and read some tutorials on car modeling as the basic techniques apply to modeling a tank.

yah, delete the background or move it to another slide and just focus on the tank, it looks allittle plain, try adding more cans and gas tanks and pouches

Okiday, thanks. Yeah, I was tryin to do everything at once, it was too hard. I’ll get rid of the background and try to fit more onto the tank.

I’d highly recommend Pim de Groot’s mechanical modelling workshop from the 2006 Blender Conference.

See the video here:

A better video as torrent can be found on this page:

Good luck and welcome in the world of Blender.

all the surfaces look a bit bumpy, also the spec value is a bit too high. (they use a flat paint on tanks)