Hi everyone, this is my last artwork, inspired by the movie Alien 3.


Very cool!

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I am a HUGE fan of Alien3 (Assembly Cut), so I really like this a bunch! I hope you are going to take things further and make all kinds of Alien3 related stuff!

And anyone who likes Alien movies but has never seen Alien3 Assembly Cut version, I command you to do so! It is a thousand times better than the piece of shit they released to theaters… truly is a different movie…


Thank you !

Much appreciated :pray:

Yeah, Fiorina 161 and The Leadworks in Alien3 is an effing masterclass in world-building, set design and lighting,… so you have some incredible shit to work with if you are making more…

I remember years ago I had one of the AvP games and there was a deathmatch level called Leadworks, and I kept playing dm in that damn thing because I loved being inside that place so much, even with the low-poly, low-res tech of the day…

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I’m a big fan of the movie too and it’s been a while since I’ve wanted to make an artwork inspired from the prison. So I took a picture as a reference to create the scene. I’m glad you like it !