RVK, Actions, and Action Strips....?

… or something!

I’m just experimenting with some basic RVK modelling (just a basic subdivided cube synching with a music track - think of a low-rent version of ‘Gantz Graf’ !!!), and have a sequence of actions which I’d like to use again and again. Now, if I was doing animation with armatures, I could encapsulate my sequence into an ‘Action Strip’ and then use it again and again.

The documentation says that Action Strips are only available for armature-based animation… So my question is (something like) what should I do if I want to repeat a particular RVK movement over and over?

A secondary question I suppose is ‘Why can I not make an Action Strip out of arbitrary mesh deformations?’ Using Action Strips in conjunction with the NLA would certainly make the animation more coherent… as well as quicker to implement!

I’m sure there are some good answers out there :slight_smile:


I’m wishing I was wrong but I’m pretty sure I’m not. The easiest way I know is to copy the group of keys in the action editor to the frames I need the actions repeated. :frowning:


Well (for those that might be interested) my first RVK animation (as referred to above) is done… check it out on the finished projects list:




if you are doing a single rvk action, you can edit it and set it to cyclic etc. etc. using the IPO curve editor.

select the mesh, and in the IPO editor change the view from [object] to [mesh]

you can then repeat the action as many times as you want…

I hope that this helps