RVK Group

I’m a bit befuddled by this one.
I would like to create a set of 11 animated concentric circles where the alpha changes from .1 to 1 on each circle’s material. It’s going to be very complicated to do a single IPO curve for each circle. So is there a way to group a bunch of IPO curves together and execute them as a unit in an assymmetrical wave?

There’s gotta be a better way???

What has this got to do with RVK?

Are the concentric circles animated with IPO’s (other than alpha values) and if so what do they do. Materials can be animated with IPO’s and objects can share material as links (Ctrl-L and Shft-L) or as copies (Ctrl-C).


:expressionless: Good point. Looking back on it, it’s got nothing to do with them. I’m only animating the ALPHA of the material using an IPO.

The concentric circles are actually the parts of a 1/2 mesh sphere. I’d like a ripple effect to start at the center and work its way out to the edge. It’s obvious how to do it with a bunch of IPO’s (11 of them), but it seemed like it’d be easier to make a single object which would produce the effect on each material in sequence and then be able to use that single object rather than having to manipulate the 11 IPO’s everytime I wanted to initiate a ripple.

So while pondering, I thought the same thing is kind of done for relative vertex keys where you can combine two or three of them (to make the woman’s face smile while blinking her right eye was the way I heard it I believe). Hence the confusion.

– Oldan

Keep them all one object. Use a Blend texture set to Sphere (with your colors in the colorband) and map it to an Empty (add an empty to the center of the object and type its name in the “Object” field in the MapInput tab in F5, Material buttons). Now you can put an Ipo on the Empty and manipulate its scale.